Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Vaporizer Pod System Vape Pen for CBD/wax/e-juice


Yocan Trio InstructionsOverviewYocan Trio 3 in 1 Vape Pen FeaturesExtremely portable, compact and stealthyOperation button gives tactile feedback when pressedBuilt to last with a classy feelPods easil..

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Yocan Trio Instructions


Yocan Trio 3 in 1 Vape Pen Features

  • Extremely portable, compact and stealthy
  • Operation button gives tactile feedback when pressed
  • Built to last with a classy feel
  • Pods easily connect to the battery with a snug fit
  • Fantasticairflow
  • One of the easiest vapes to operate

Yocan Trio 3 in 1 Vaporizer, is designed to be compatible with three different vape substances. It can be used with e-juices, CBD oils and wax concentrates. The single button on the device controls all the functions. The Trio vape pen is made up of only two pieces; the pod you're vaping and the battery. To get started, simply pop on a pod and take a rip.

The Yocan Trio pen kit is set apart from Yocan's other products by the contemporary styled grooves on the face of the product. Each of the pods has a tapered mouthpiece that seamlessly merges with the design of the battery. The power button of the Trio vape pen in the AIO kit is located in the center of the device and is easily reachable thanks to its small form factor.

The CBD oil vape pen starter kit is approximately three inches tall – easily swallowed by a clenched fist – which makes it easy to carry with you or slip into a change pocket. The pods lock to the battery with highly powerful magnets that keep them secure.

The Yocan Trio Vaporizer features an integrated 500mAh rechargeable battery so it has more than enough power to outlast the day. The pod kit is rechargeable on-the-go thanks to the micro-USB charging, with included cable. The vaping device can be charged from a laptop, desktop, power pack or any other power transfer devices. Furthermore, the Trio pod system has a 10 second preheat function which runs the device for a 10-second cycle. This pre-heating function is perfect for vaping concentrates to experience the full capabilities of the device. The Vaporizer features three heat profiles that can be utilized depending on what type of material is being vaporized. The vape pen kit's heat profiles are low, medium and high. While there is only the slightest difference in temperature between these profiles, they have huge impact on the overall experience, especially when extracts are being vaped.

Yocan Trio 3 in 1 Vaporizer Package includes

1 x Yocan Trio Battery

1 x Oil Pod

1 x Concentrate Pod

1 x E-Liquid Pod

1 x USB Charing Cable

1 x User Manual

Yocan Trio 3 in 1 Pods Specifications

Size: 25.3mm x 14.3mm x 81.5mm
Battery: 500mAh
Preheat function: 10 seconds
Voltage levels: Low = white light, medium = blue light, high = green light
Coil: Ceramic coil (e-juice pod and Oil pod) and quartz dual coil (concentrate pod)
Capacity: 1.0ml

What's More On Yocan Trio Vape Pen

All-In-One Pod Vape Pen

The refillable 3-in-1 Pod vape pen satisfies any vaping needs thanks to the interchangeable types of pods which are compatible with concentrates, e-juice and CBD oils.

Leak Resistant Design With Advanced Airflow

The Yocan Trio vape pen is a Pod system vape pen that features innovative advanced airflow technology. The Trio vape pen's airflow design provides smooth, clean and full rips on concentrates, oils and vape juices.

Innovative Heating Technology

The juice and oil pods are each crafted with a ceramic coil. A ceramic coil provides massive, clean vapor that's smooth and full of flavor. The device may be small, but it provides an experience substantial as any mod.

The concentrate pod uses a dual quartz coil, which delivers the richest experience with a crystal-clear vapor and full-bodied flavor.

Power Output

The Yocan Trio pod system has three different power output options to customize the vaping experience. To cycle between the voltage options, simply press the single operation button 3 times rapidly.

Preheat Function

The preheat function serves to warm up the device before usage to avoid any dry rips or burning hits. Pressing the operation button twice quickly moves the device into preheat mode. Preheating lasts only 10 seconds, after which the device is ready to vape. To cancel preheat mode, press the operation button twice.

Magnetic Battery To Pod Connection

The battery of Trio vape pen seamlessly connects to the pods via magnets. This feature enables you to change between different vaping substances quickly with minimal hassle and no mechanical interference, simply pop out a pod and drop another in.

Aesthetic Design

The Yocan Trio device is constructed of solid metal which gives it a stunning contemporary aesthetic. The shape is ergonomic and slim. The Micro-USB port located on the side of the device offers easy charging anywhere and is perfect for using out and about.

Compact Size And Portability

The Trio vape pen is extremely compact at around three inches tall which means it offers fantastic portability.

Easy Maintanence

Yokan's Trio Pod vape pen rarely needs to be cleaned thanks to the solid construction and top-quality components used during manufacturing.

Three Different Refillable Pods Of Yocan Trio Vape Pen

The Yocan Trio vape pen includes three reusable pods; one for concentrates, one for oils, and another for e-liquids. The concentrate pods use a quartz dual coil (QDC) design, which is a staple feature on many Yocan concentrate vaporizers. Ceramic heating elements are used for the e-liquid and oil pods. These are differentiated by the color of the rubber seal on the pod; green for the oil pod and white for the e-liquid pod. The leak proof engineering and sealed bottom of the Yocan Trio vape pen kit means no oil or liquid will ever escape from within the device.

FAQ for Yocan Trio Vape Pen Problems

  1. How To Turn On The Battery Of The Yocan Trio Vape Pen?

  • Power on by tapping the button 5 times
  • When turned on, tap the power button 5 times to power off
  • Always make sure the device is charged before use

  1. How To Change The Pod Of The Yocan Trio 3-In-One Vape Pen Kit

  • Choose a pod
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the pod and check for any rubber seals
  • Lift the seal (if there is one) and load the pod with the material you wish to vape
  • Reapply the rubber seal (if any) to ensure the contents of the pod will not leak
  • Replace the mouthpiece
  • Connect the pod to the battery via the magnetic connection point and ensure that it is secured

  1. When To Use Low, Medium And High Temperature SettingsOf The Yocan Trio Vape Pen?

  • When vaping wax, use wax pod on a high temperature
  • When vaping e-liquid, use e-liquid pod on a medium temperature
  • When using thick oil, use thick oil pod on a low temperature
  1. How To Toggle Between Temperature Levels Of The Yocan Trio Vape Pen?

  • Turn the Triovape pen on by pressing the power button five times
  • Press the button three times to cycle through the temperature options

Each temperature is represented by a different color

  • Low temperature: White light
  • Medium temperature; Blue light
  • High temperature; Green light

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