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Features1. New version of Falcon series2. 6ml big capacity meets your vaping need3. New mesh coils are made of Bamboo Fiber, better flavor and long lifespan4. All of Falcon coils are compatible with i..

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1. New version of Falcon series
2. 6ml big capacity meets your vaping need
3. New mesh coils are made of Bamboo Fiber, better flavor and long lifespan
4. All of Falcon coils are compatible with it
5. Resin drip tip makes tank more elegant
6. New refilling mechanism: click to open or close


Capacity: 6ml
Diameter of glass tube: 26.2mm
Diameter of excircle: 25.4mm
Length of the tank: 59.5mm
Material: SS+Resin
Connection Threading: 510
Colors: Bright Chrome, Carbon Black, Rainbow, Blue, SS, Coffee, Gun Metal, Black, Blackish Green, Purple

Package include

Package Included:
1 x HorizonTech Falcon King (Bulb)Tank(M-Dual coil )
1 x Extra M1+ coil
1 x Drip tip
1 x Glass tube
1 x Set of O rings

HORIZONTECH Falcon King Bulb Tank Instructions

HORIZONTECH Falcon King Bulb Tank Overview:


■Masterfully designed

■Quick to disassemble

■Offers robust flavors

■Fantastic airflow

■New Mesh Coils in an innovative design

■Easy top fill system

■Improved coil life

■Quality craftsmanship

The newest version of the HorizonTech Falcon King is by far the best product in the Falcon series. It is one of the greatest performing Sub Ohm tanks in the Falcon line. As a true leader in the industry they are known for their Sub Ohm tanks and their RDA's. It seems as though the company is always chasing the idea of perfect balance within their vape products.

The HorizonTech Falcon is a great example of a vape that has real balance. If you've never used one of the HorizonTech Tanks before, you can find an extreme difference between the way it performs vs the average tank. With the design of the tank there are new ways to wick e-liquid to the coil and the mesh that they've produced is some of the best in the industry as well. The blend of mesh that you can find on board also combines a bamboo fiber blend cotton for a wick. The combination of this newly designed mesh and wick leads to a smooth-wicking each time. The extreme balance that can be found in this device delivers a flavor performance that you won't find matched on many other tanks across the market.

This Falcon King sub ohm Tank is by far one of the best upgrades to the basic version of the Falcon Tank. After the company switched over to a push button design for refilling, they ensured that the lid could pop up instantly and that there would be no need for a sliding component for achieving results. The device has a capacity of 6 mL and it is easily one of the largest vapes for suiting your needs with vapor production, improved flavor and a maximize lifespan. The newly released M1+ and the M-Dual coil delivers a better vaping experience than ever before.

Falcon King Tank Components Explained:

The vape tank itself is a 26 mm diameter tank that contains a wide bore drip tip with a stainless steel construction. The top fill feature for the device releases at the push of a button. As soon as the user presses the button the topple flip open and you can refill the device with a vape juice of your choice. You can shut the door and continue the process of vaping as soon as it is reloaded. Through the pushbutton design, you can always have a smooth refill.

The tank is quite lengthy at 59.5 mm and the bubble tank has a 28 mm diameter. The full tank can hold up to 6 mL of your favorite vape juice at a time. The dual airflow design also ensures that you can get a smoother draw and that airflow will reach the heart of the coil every time. The extension on the coils also enhances the flavors of the vapor by shortening the length of the chimney. These design improvements have substantially improved the quality of vapor and the overall design of the device.

The Bamboo fiber coils are quite a hard pivot away from organic cotton coils. Bamboo claims to be the secret to the superior flavor performance that's delivered through HorizonTech Vape products and it really does get results.

M1+ coil: Mesh coil, bamboo fiber, 0. 16ohm,rate for 75W

HorizonTech produced two new Falcon King coils in the past year. These coils will work in the Falcon King tank. The overall goal of these new coils is to produce something that works much longer than many of the original coils that they produced and that works much longer than many of their competitors coils too. One of the most amazing aspects of the M1+ coil is that there's absolutely no sign of a performance reduction through the course of testing. Falcon King Coils really are improved for a longer-lasting flavor and with a shortened chimney design it's possible to get an improved quality flavor in every draw too. The shortened chimney helps massively with improving results and with decreasing the chance of leaking.

M-Dual coil: Mesh coil, bamboo fiber, 0. 38ohm, rate for 80W

The second coil that's also been produced uses a Bamboo fiber wicking material. It's called the M Dual atomizer coil. The goal of this coil is to help users really dial in their wattage to find the ideal spot between flavor and vapor. The coil here has also been designed for an extended coil life.

The best way use this new coil is to break in the coil properly by priming the wick, assembling and filling the tank, waiting 10 min. for the bamboo fiber wick to completely saturate and then begin beeping at around 35 watts. Once you vape twice, you can increase the power to 40 W. When you reach the recommended wattage between 75 to 80, you can enjoy the vape with a fully broken in coil. Performing these steps can extend your coil lifespan significantly.

How To Rebuild Falcon King RTA and Refill It?

One of the first important steps that you should take is to remove the mesh coil from the tank. Start to slowly drip the Ejuice through the mesh at the top of the device and add a few drops waiting for a few moments at a time. After you have done this a few times, check the wicking holes along the side of your device. This will let you know if they have been fully saturated.

Set your coil back on top of the tank, press the button in and the lid will pop up instantly for the quick refill of the full tank.

Start the refilling process, make sure you break in the atomizer after a refill by adjusting the wattage, and enjoy!

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