GEEKVAPE Zeus X RTA 4.5ml Top Airflow Tank


Features1. Great improvement, designed for RTA enthusiasts2. Innovative airflow system creates outstanding flavor and massive vapor productions3. Open access designed build deck easy to build coil4. D..

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1. Great improvement, designed for RTA enthusiasts
2. Innovative airflow system creates outstanding flavor and massive vapor productions
3. Open access designed build deck easy to build coil
4. Detachable inner chamber for convenient cleaning access
5. Upgraded fill port prevent leakage effectively


Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 4.5ml
Drip Tip: 810 Drip Tip
Thread Type: 510
Size: 25*25*44mm
Diameter: 25mm

Package include

Package Included:
1 x Zeus X RTA
1 x Extra Glass Tube
2 x Coils
1 x Allen Key
1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1 x 810 Drip Tip

GEEKVAPE Zeus X RTA Instructions

GEEKVAPE Zeus X RTA Overview:


■Excellent design

■Single or dual build

■Excellent flavor

■Innovative airflow system

■Massive clouds

■Easy wicking

■Abundant options of accessories

■Easy to build

The perfect design for RTA Enthusiasts

The Zeus series managed to impress one and all the Zeus X is no different. This final edition is designed keeping the RTA enthusiasts in mind.

Feedbacks and suggestions from numerous enthusiasts of Zeus from all over the world were taken into account following which the edition was upgraded in a detailed manner.

This GEEKVAPE Zeus X RTA which is perhaps at the top of the line has been redesigned from scratch. It is provided with dual coil build for optimal functionality. The title given to Zeus X is no exaggeration as the device lives up to its name. The former editions of the series were perfection and Greekvape managed to improve the perfection which is highly impressive. The device has a lot going in favor of it. Whether it is the design or the performance, all top-airflow RTA's pale in comparison to Zeus X. Furthermore, it is quite reasonably priced as well. You will find it quite easy to build and wick this device. It makes use of an innovative airflow system to provide you with impeccable flavor. Filling the unit is quite convenient owing to the top filling portion. The tank is quite sleek and looks ultra-stylish.

One grievance that you might have with the unit is that the build deck lacks originality and the O-rings have some scope of improvement. However, Zeus X is undoubtedly one of the most impressive airflow RTAs you will find. Enthusiasts will surely love this one.

A highly impressive vapor production and amazing flavors are acquired owing to the combination of top-to-side airflow and the direct top airflow. At the same time, the leak-proof feature is maintained.

The mechanism of the airflow system is quite smart as it makes use of the chimney-inside-chimney technique. Two small cutouts are present inside the chimney at the bottom. These cutouts fit to the build deck via the two notches present on it. This makes sure that the device stays in place as you screw the atomizer to the unit. The outer chimney is then connected, using a small O-ring present for the purpose on the top portion of the inner chimney. The thinness of the O-ring might be a problem. Furthermore, there is a chance that the inner chimney falls as the atomizer is opened for revealing the deck. It might be a better option to turn the device upside down as you unscrew the top from bottom.

The air is directed to the top of the coils via the top holes present in the chimney. The side holes send the air to the sides of the coils. This smooth airflow can be enhanced when it is wholly open.

All new build deck designed for easy coil building with open access to trim excess wires.

The deck does not offer anything extraordinary but you will still find it an improvement on the Zeus Dual build decks and previous editions. It is vital that the wicks are adequately long for reaching the wick slots. You are provided with space for cutting the excess bit of the coils.

The space might not be enough for large coils. Furthermore, you will need to remember the inner chimney as you build. The space for the build is further restricted owing to a small indentation present inside the chimney. It is advisable to restrict the diameter coils to 3.5mm for dual builds. You might end up with short atomizer if you go beyond this.

The inner chamber is detachable which allows convenience access for cleaning.

Top Fill is quite convenient and easy

The design of fill port has been upgraded to ensure that liquid spillage is controlled during refilling. It has a capacity of 4.5 ml and is compatible with bubble and straight glass of the Dual RTA by Zeus.

More detail on coil installation and wicking

You will find installation of the coil a breeze. You merely need to cut the legs of the coils, placing them with the fingers on deck. You will then have to have to use the flathead screws for securing them in place. Use the coil jig for pulling them upwards, ensuring that they are close to the airflow holes. Ensure that you maintain some distance. However, do not go too far beyond the center of the deck. Otherwise, there is a risk of your coils touching the chimney. During your initiation days of builds, it might be better to try the chimney before you wick and adjust the coils as per requirement.

Contrary to previous editions, wicking in this one is quite forgiving. It's not really complicated. If you use dual coil builds of 3mm, you need to comb the cotton slightly. The wick tails are then placed inside the wick slots, making sure that you do not have to apply too much force and the work is done. Since the distance between the bottom of the unit and deck is longer, the wicks will also have to be longer than the regular ones. Ensure that too much cotton is not removed while fluffing and the wick is tailing some millimeters inside the slot. You might end up flooding the deck owing to fast liquid flow.

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