Arizer Air Replacement 18650 Battery


Arizer Air Replacement Battery InstructionsOverviewThanks to the Arizer Air replacement battery, your Arizer Air won't ever die and you could use your vaporizer anywhere you want. This replacement bat..

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Arizer Air Replacement Battery Instructions


Thanks to the Arizer Air replacement battery, your Arizer Air won't ever die and you could use your vaporizer anywhere you want. This replacement battery is made of lithium-ion, making it long-lasting and efficient. A battery like this is made with the highest quality materials and delivers a high power performance that makes the user's experience of their vaporizer enjoyable for a long period of time. This spare battery comes in crimson red, lavender purple, and azure blue color. When a user has a spare battery with them at all times, they never have to wait for their Arizer Air's battery to fully charge. The user can easily switch out their dead battery and replace it with the new one, and they are good to go.

One of the many great things when it comes to the Arizer Air, is the ability to change and replace its batteries with a new one, which lets the users have a fully charged spare battery on hand for whenever the vaporizer's current battery dies. The battery itself lasts for a very long time, so the user can enjoy their Arizer Air vaporizer for a long period before needing to replace it with the other battery. Hence, they don't ever have to worry or wait for their Air to charge again. Moreover, since the user can easily swap out the dead battery for the spare one, they don't have to be tied to an AC adaptor on the wall when it completely goes flat.


  • High-quality battery with 3000mAh capacity
  • This battery is rechargeable
  • It is made of lithium-ion


Use For: Arizer Air

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh mAh

Color: Red

Brand: Arizer

Package includes

1 x Arizer Air Replacement Battery

What's more on Arizer Air Replacement Battery?

This item is the same battery that can be found in the Arizer Air vaporizer; hence it can be used either as a spare or a replacement. The user of the Arizer Air vaporizers can use a charge tester in order to check the life of the battery. Since it is so simple to change the battery of this vaporizer, a lot of the users keep extra batteries on hand that they keep charged at all times. Thanks to this, it allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to stopping and charging your vaporizer's batteries. This means a longer battery life, which will result in less charging and a lot more vaping.

The Arizer Air replacement battery is a high-quality battery that performs extremely well when used in the Arizer Air vaporizers. Moreover, the Arizer Air replacement battery powers up the vaporizers for up to one hour when it is completely charged.

How To Use The Arizer Air Replacement Battery?

Firstly, the user needs to unscrew the bottom lid off of their Air vaporizer in order to access its battery chamber. Next, they need to remove the current battery and replace it with the new battery. Finally, the user should charge the vaporizer and use it as normal.

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