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FeaturesParameter1.Nord MTL CoilResistance: 0.8ohm2.Nord Regular CoilResistance: 1.4ohm3.Nord Mesh CoilResistance: 0.6ohm4.Nord Ceramic CoilResistance: 1.4ohm5.Nord CartridgeCapacity: 3mlPackage inclu..

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1.Nord MTL Coil
Resistance: 0.8ohm
2.Nord Regular Coil
Resistance: 1.4ohm
3.Nord Mesh Coil
Resistance: 0.6ohm
4.Nord Ceramic Coil
Resistance: 1.4ohm
5.Nord Cartridge
Capacity: 3ml

Package include

Package Included(Mutiple Choice):
1 x 5pcs Nord MTL Coil
1 x 5pcs Nord Regular Coil
1 x 5pcs Nord Mesh Coil
1 x 5pcs Nord Ceramic Coil
1 x Nord Cartridge
1 x 0.6ohm mesh coil for sub ohm vaping
1 x 1.4ohm regular coil for MTL vaping

SMOK NORD Replacement Pod Instructions


Allow your most likeable, easy to carry around, vape all set to go together with a SMOK NORD Replacement Pod with Coils. Either you are in need of replacing your previous Nord Pod, or you prefer to have a spare pod in hand, this is the accessory that you must have for the SMOK NORD Ultra Portable Pod System.

The kit include: an extra set of the replacement pod which has a capacity to hold up to 3ml of e-juice, and two replacements coils. The apparatus allows you to change between your vape liquids whenever you want and also gives you the liberty to change the MTL vaping from sub-ohm experience, easily. Have a spare pod, which has a different vapour liquid so that if you get bored from one flavour you can change the cartridge; or likewise have an extra pod on hand so that if one cartridge finishes you can change it – without the burden of carrying the entire container of e-juice. Thus, have fun with your preferred salt nicotine e-liquids or ordinary vape liquids in the original SMOK NORD Pod.

With this astounding pod system you do not need to discard the whole pod in order to change the atomizer, unlike other pod-based devices, when you are in need of changing the coil just place a NORD coil inside the device and you are good to go.

The 0.6ohm coil system provided with the device is perfect for vapers that require a massive hit along with a strong flavour that results in massive clouds. It is great for the users who use nicotine e-juice.

1.4ohm NORD Regular Coil, also included in the kit, is required to be used with both nicotine-orientede-juices and standard e-liquid formulas. It is recommended for people interested in MTL vaping and those who like to have an experience that is similar to that of an original cigarette.

Introductions of SMOK NORD Replacement Pod with Coils

  1. Nord Mesh Coil 1.4ohm
  • The coils happen to be compatible for a variety of vaping techniques such as the sub ohm variety and the direct lung functioning as well.
  • With such immersive coils the device gives a large amount of vapor
  • The sub ohm type of vaping is not compatible with greater levels of nicotine, due to a very bizarre and classic hit at the back of the throat of the user when vaping through the device.
  1. Nord Ceramic Coil4ohm
  • The variety of the ceramic formed coils used in this device give a very good and easy individualized user experience due to a consistent hit at the back of the throat.
  • The overall resistance of about 1.4ohm allow it to be good for the users who prefer a direct hit to their lungs originating from the mouth and no matter the consistency of the nicotine being used.
  • The type of the ceramic formed coilover a 1.4ohm is compatible with nicotine originated salts and the higher doses of the classic nicotine as well.
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Lifespan is long
  1. Nord Regular Coil 1.4ohm
  • Best available coil set for the people interested in mouth to lung vaping due to its quality of producing extremely good vapors. This coil is compatible with varying amount of the nicotine as well.

FQA For SMOK NORD Replacement Pod with Coils Problems

What is the difference between a mesh coil and a regular coil?

The amazing aspect of these devices is the exterior design and the internal structure that the coil has. The mesh coil is surrounded by cotton whereas, for normal coils the wire is the surrounding element of the coil.

The mesh coil is made up of a metal mesh which covers and wraps the cotton; this allows the metal surface to be more in contact with the cotton and evenly heats the moisten cotton. However, in the case of regular coils there is a wire that is wrapped around the cotton.

These coils produce vapor due to evaporation of the e-juice that is absorbed by the cotton.

How to prime SMOK Nord Coils?

Drop a few drops of e-juice into the hole where the cotton is. Let it rest then do it a few more times.

Take the coil in your hand and simply drop a few drops of E-juice through the hole into where the cotton is. Allow it sit for a moment, then do a couple more.

How to install SMOK Nord Coil?

There are two types of SMOK Nord replacement coils: SMOK Nord 0.6ohm resistance coil and the regular coil with a resistance of the 0.4ohm.

The coil having the resistance of 1.4ohm is considered optimum for the mouth to lung vaping practice, the flavor is astounding with it while the 0.6ohm resistance coil is preferably manufactured for the users willing to indulge in the sub ohm type of the vaping.

There is a coil slot on the bottom of cartridge that you just need to press coils into it.

How Long to SMOK Nord Pods Last?

Each pod lasts for one to two weeks before a notable drop in flavor and vapor

How to Fill SMOK Nord Kit with E-Liquid?

  • Pull out the pod.
  • Pull out ht rubber plug on the slot.
  • Add e-liquid through the slot.
  • Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

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