Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb


Hydrology9 Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewThe Hydrology9, which was manufactured by the designers at Cloudious9, is here to impress every vaping enthusiast. This brand features an innovative and a new ..

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Hydrology9 Vaporizer Instructions


The Hydrology9, which was manufactured by the designers at Cloudious9, is here to impress every vaping enthusiast. This brand features an innovative and a new aqua-filtration method when it comes to vaping, with a clean porcelain baking oven. When one thinks about portable and unique vaporizers, Hydrology9 comes to mind. This premium dry herb vaporizer will change the way you look at vaping.

Cloudious has shaken up the industry with their ground-breaking Hydrology9 portable vaporizer. The craftsmanship of this vaporizer is a clear indicator that there is no other portable vaporizer like this one in the market. The Hydrology9 comes with a water filtration mechanism that's leak-proof and it cools your vapors. Plus, the connected oven stir tool makes sure that your materials always get evenly vaporized. The Hydrology9 has been manufactured using premium materials only, such as Aircraft quality aluminum that won't rust, plus a porcelain oven that is combined with borosilicate glass in order to deliver high-quality vapors each time.


  • Power Supply with Inbuilt 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Five Temperature Settings that are indicated by the colors Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Red
  • Porcelain baking oven can hold up to 0.3g of herb.
  • Includes 4-piece cleaning tool
  • Water-filtered


Use For: Dry Herb

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Heating Technique: Conduction

Temperature Settings: 392°F - 464°F, Five Fixed Preset Temp Setting

Five Temp Settings: Blue- 392°F, Yellow- 410°F, Orange- 428°F, Purple- 446°F, Red- 464°F

Heat Up Time: 30s-60s

Chamber Capacity: 0.25 grams

Battery Charge Type: Micro USB

Size: 45 mm x 175 mm

Package includes

1x Hydrology9 Device

1x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1x AC Adapter

1x Cleaning Kit Set

1x User Manual

What's more on Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer ?

Hydrology9 comes with a few cool built-in features, such as the stirring tool that's built into its base and the user can use it to swirl the herb around while they vaporize. Plus, the user can also adjust the air intake in order to change the draw resistance, which is a sweet feature. Moreover, this vaporizer consists of multicolor LED lights in its chamber that represent the five different temperature settings. They reflect off the water that's in the chamber, creating a nice show.

How To Use The Hydrology9 Vaporizer?

The Hydrology9 is definitely a unique looking vaporizer. It is big and cylindrical in shape and has four parts. The first part is the base, where the battery, the heating element, and the herb chamber are located. The next part is the glass chamber, which holds the water. The third part is the glass mouthpiece, and the fourth is the metal mouth cap.

Thanks to magnetic connections, assembling the vaporizer is not difficult at all, which is great since assembling and disassembling can turn into a time-consuming process, especially since there's the whole aspect of filling up and emptying the water that's in the glass chamber.

When it comes to loading the Hydrology9, firstly you need to turn it upside down and then unscrew the lid that's at the bottom of this vaporizer. This will expose the heating chamber. Next, load the heating chamber with your herbs and then reattach the bottom lid back.

In order to fill up the Hydrology9 with water, firstly you need to remove the glass mouthpiece that's at the top of this vaporizer in order to expose the vapor pathway. Then, you fill it with water. The makers of the Hydrology9 recommend that you do not fill the water more than the halfway point.

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