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G Pen Nova Vape Pen For Wax InstructionsOverviewG pen is a device that was produced using the company Grenco Science. It stands as one of the smallest they pens available and although there are many d..

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G Pen Nova Vape Pen For Wax Instructions


G pen is a device that was produced using the company Grenco Science. It stands as one of the smallest they pens available and although there are many different types of G pen on the market, there is only one G pen Nova. The concentrates that can be found in the tanks here are full of great flavors and you can enjoy a strong draw with each experience. Users will be able to switch between three different voltage measures to improve their experience and get a great quality of vapor wherever they may be.

The LED light indicator on the device showcases the temperature that is at. It will display blue when the device has reached 3.2 V, when it reaches 3.5 V, the device will shine green, the device shines red when it reaches 3.9 V. There is a pass through charging action ensuring that you can use the device while it's plugged in. If you want to enjoy a vaping experience and you are worried you could run out of battery, this is a great way that you can make sure that the device will stay turned on.

The G Pen Nova comes with an extremely powerful vapor setting especially when using the 3.9 V. You can make sure that you will finally have a device that's capable of vaping concentrates while you are on the go.

When you are vaping concentrates, you can adjust the temperature rating on the device to produce less vapor and more flavour. Higher temperatures can also be used to create a denser vapor that comes with less taste. By changing up your favourite materials with various temperatures, it's likely that you can deliver a series of interesting effects at different times. Finding new flavors for your favourite concentrates can give you a whole new appreciation for your vaporizer. The G pen is a device that can help you to explore some new flavour profiles for your favourite material. Even using the 3.2 V setting can be a great way to find a middle ground and great flavors for your favourite concentrates.


  • Portable
  • Multiple power settings
  • Ceramic Heating, Fantastic flavor
  • Ergonomic Silicone Mouthpiece


Use For: Wax

Battery Capacity: 300mAh

Thread Connection: 510 Thread

Battery Charge Type: Micro-USB

Voltage Range: Blue - 3.2V, Green - 3.5V, Red - 3.9V

Color: Black

Material: Rubber Appearance

Package includes

1x G Pen Nova 510 Battery

1x G Pen Nova Wax Tank

1x Charging Cable

How to use G Pen Nova Vape Pen?

The device has definitely been made for easy operation. The G pen nova serves as an excellent vaporizer that could be your first device. It only has one button for control and it can heat up extremely quickly. To make sure that you get an optimal experience you'll need to properly charge your G Pen nova to start. Once the device is fully charged, you can power it up and make sure that it is ready to heat.

After the device is fully heated you can click the power button five times in rapid succession to start heating it. The LED light will blink three times to indicate when the device has reached its first power up setting. You can cycle through the power options in heat up the device even further by clicking the button three times. The LED light will indicate the ideal temperature that you are on. The blue light will show The read setting will be the hottest with the blue setting being the coolest.

Once you have chosen the temperature that works best for the concentrate you are using, hold down the main button and take your first draw. When you like the power down the device, click the button 5 times and it will switch off. The light around the button will blink once in every color to let you know that the device is powering down.

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