Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid 100ml Collection


Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid 100ml Collection InstructionsOverviewCloud Nurdz E-Liquid came with a bang and it's here to stay. This product is at the top of its game and instantly became a crowd favorite. It ..

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Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid 100ml Collection Instructions


Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid came with a bang and it's here to stay. This product is at the top of its game and instantly became a crowd favorite. It is known as one of the leading brands of the industry. Despite being in a market that is filled with a massive variety of e-liquids from various other brands, the Cloud Nurdz E-Liquids have created their own lasting impact on this industry. This company has delivered a solid, high-quality product that has its own special way of grabbing the attention of individuals from all over the world.

This brand of e-liquid is unique and different in their own special way when compared with all of the other brands. The Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Collection has an extraordinary taste and comes in a selection of delicious and wild candied vape juice. The moment you give a chance to this e-liquid collection, you would never want to go back to any other e-juice flavor. Moreover, the Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Collection also comes in their 'Iced Collection', which consists of the mentholated versions of their original e-liquids. These collections of sweet, sour, and iced e-liquids are enough to take your taste receptors to the next level.

Flavors of Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid

  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Grape Apple 100ml
  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Grape Strawberry 100ml
  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Strawberry Lemon 100ml
  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Watermelon Apple 100ml
  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Peach Blue Razz 100ml
  • Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Kiwi Melon 100ml


VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Nicotine Level: 0mg / 3mg / 6mg

Nicotine Type: Regular Nicotine

Bottle Sizes: 100ml

Bottle Type: Plastic Dripper

Brand: Cloud Nurdz

Package includes

1 x Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid 100ml

What's More On The Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Collection?

These e-liquids are inspired from the fruity and sweet childhood candy that everyone loved and used to eat all the time. Now, you get to enjoy those delightful flavors once again as an adult in the form of a sweet and sour e-liquid. You get to choose from a large variety of remarkable flavors, like Grape Apple and Strawberry Lemon, to name a few. Each combination of flavors will spark a different kind of joy in your taste buds as you experience their rich and fruity magic.

Get ready to feel the nostalgic factor and go back to your childhood days with these zesty flavors. Whether you prefer the fruity flavor or the candy flavor, this e-liquid will satisfy both sides of your sweet tooth.

Moreover, it is the goal of this brand to create an e-liquid that offers the best quality and the best taste among all of the other e-liquids that are currently in the market. The Cloud Nurdz e-liquid collection will soon become the strongest contestant in the vaping world thanks to the brand's strong philosophy of providing their consumers with the best of the best. You will not be disappointed with this brand's collection of e-liquids, since their customers' satisfaction is highly important to them.

This wonderfully tangy and sweet e-liquid is created in Southern California, and soon enough, it will spread all over the globe. This e-liquid is thoroughly enjoyed by every vape enthusiasts who has given it a try. Users of the Cloud Nurdz e-liquid raved about this product and called it a major and revolutionary game changer of the vaping world.

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