CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge & ceramic coil for CBD oil


CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge InstructionsNotice: These are the UNBRAND General Cartridges with CCell technologyOverviewThe CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge utilizes a cutting-edge ceramic design whi..

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CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge Instructions

Notice: These are the UNBRAND General Cartridges with CCell technology


The CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge utilizes a cutting-edge ceramic design which combines amazing performance with outstanding efficiency. This thick oil cartridge is designed to be compatible with any 510 vape mod and work perfectly with the CCELL Palm and CCELL Silo. Comparing them to a silica or cotton wick type, they are far superior in performance. The top is able to be removed in order to make refilling easy whilst still maintaining the ability to be leak-proof. These 510 Cartridges can be purchased in two sizes (0.5ml and 1.0ml) with three mouth piece tips with different colors (gold, black and white). Thick oils are easily absorbed by the ceramic system, so it is fantastic in terms of vapor creation and oil conservation.


  • Carrying in your bag or pocket has no risk because it is leak-proof
  • Ceramic atomizer and glass tank
  • 510 threaded
  • The ceramic atomizer gives top of the line performance plus it works with lots of consistencies of liquid
  • The atomizer is refillable (be careful not to refill it too many times)

Cartridge Specifications

  • 510 threaded connection
  • Available in 0.5ml or 1.0ml capacity
  • 4.0V recommended output
  • 1.2ohm resistance
  • 1.0mm size oil intake
  • Tank made from glass
  • Ceramic style mouthpiece
  • Only 63mm tall
  • 0.5mm in diameter
  • 12g net weight

What's more on CCELL Type 510 thread cartridge?

  1. Ceramic Heating Coils

CCELL Oil Cartridge are specially made to give the biggest vape clouds and freshest flavors, particular with highly viscose oils. There is practically zero upkeep or hygiene issues thanks to the disposable design. Medical grade materials were used to make this cartridge. There is no longer need to preheat because these coils can easily vaporize each drop of oils into a powerful flavor and potency. CCELL cartridges should be used by connoisseurs that appreciate luxury and want to experience the best.

  1. Pure Taste

The TH210 is absolutely leak proof and luxurious. A glass housing is used to ensure anticorrosion and better flowing hemp oil. The screw in mouthpiece with silicon at the bottom keeps it from leaking.

FAQ for CCELL 510 Thread Thick Oil Cartridge Problems

  1. Why is My Wax Becoming Dark and Getting Sweeter?

  • When using a variable voltage vape pen, it is best to experiment with the settings. 3.8V to 4.0V (10–12 watts) usually has no discoloration or flavor problems
  • Many concentrates available go through "winterization", a process which removes liquid and wax. Winterization liquefies the CBD oil down to a solvent at negative temperatures which helps to take out undesirables
  • Goods that are not winterized are prone to have the issue with discoloration in the CCELL cartridges

  1. When Should You Switch Out the CCELL?

  • Low temperature vaping gives more life to your CCELL cartridge and preserves the flavor of concentrates. To extend the life of CCELL cartridges, top it up long before it is running on empty
  • When refilling the CCELL cartridge, if you realize the flavor is strange, or the vapor is not pulling correctly, it is an indicator to swap your cartridge. Always do this ASAP. Use an oil syringe to suck up any left-over oil from a used/damaged CCELL cartridge.

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