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CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen InstructionsOverview:CBDistillery CBD vape pen is one of the most revolutionary products you will find. This disposable CBD vape pen is activated via inhaling. A CCELL cerami..

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CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen Instructions


CBDistillery CBD vape pen is one of the most revolutionary products you will find. This disposable CBD vape pen is activated via inhaling. A CCELL ceramic heating element forms part of it along with 200mg of CBD isolate and ABSTRAX TEC oil and natural flavors. A variety of vape pen flavors along with prefilled cartridges are also offered. All the vape options they offer comprise of 200mg of CBD. However, it is a bit tricky to estimate how many doses are present in a vape product since this depends on the number of hits in a dose. The price of vape pen varies from $30 to $32 and you can sometimes also find them at sale prices. You can also save some money if you purchase more than one vape pens in a single go. CBDistillery offer fast delivery. This along with their high quality product and reasonable rates ensure that they are the preferred choices among consumers. You will find vape pens by CBDistillery to be quite convenient for instant relief. Furthermore, they also have a long battery life. Once the juice runs out and the tank is empty, you can open the top and refill the tank with ease.

This CBD vape pen has 200mg content of full-spectrum CBD. This makes sure that the pen is a step ahead than the disposable CBD isolate containing device. The vape pens of this collection are made with natural ingredients.

Full-spectrum extracts are enriched with CBD. They also contain other cannabinoids that are present in hemp. The concentration of these other cannabinoids depends on the strain. An entourage effect is generated by all the full-spectrum extracts. This synergistic effect of cannabinoids enhances the benefits that CBD has to offer.

You can enjoy the taste of natural botanical terpenes and vape away. If you want quick and effective results, this product would not let you down. Reap in all the benefits that CBD has to offer with this disposable CBD vape pen.


  • Efficient delivery of CBD

This pen is quite efficient when you compare it to other disposables available on the market. The device is not activated via any button. All that you need to do is bring the device to your lips and take a draw. It is the pressure of the inhale that turns on the device and releases the vapor. You will get the dose you desire in mere seconds.

  • Optimal discretion ensured

The best thing about disposable pens is that they offer optimal discretion. A faint aroma might be created but they do not have any pungent smell that is characteristic of cannabis or hemp smoking. The device is sleek and it is not apparent that it contains CBD. Therefore, if you do not want to attract attention to your usage of CBD, this CBDistillery vape pen will do the trick for you to perfection.

  • No maintenance needed

Once the vape pen gets empty, there is nothing more that you need to do. It is truly disposable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about maintenance, cleaning or recharging of the device. This makes the device excellent for all those who do not like the idea of setting up the vaporizer. Furthermore, the price is quite affordable as well.

  • Instant anxiety and stress relief

You will find this vape pen to be highly useful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress. It will clear your head in no time. Symptoms of anxiety and stress can be quite sudden and intense. Therefore, it is essential that they are treated at the earliest. All that you would need to do is take a few draws of the tasty vapor from your vape pen and you will feel all the stress and worry fading away.

  • Improved quality of life

If you want a painkiller that would not cause dependency or have dangerous side effects, this is one option that would be highly effective. Non-psychoactive, non-addictive and non-intoxicating CBD is one of the best options that you have. CBD is quite capable of alleviating pain due to its analgesic properties. Thus, it would help you get rid of the pain instantly. The rapid action of CBD is one of the best things about it. You will find a significant improvement in your quality of life owing to it.

  • Rich in neuroprotectants

Full-spectrum CBD products are high on neuroprotective substances. These make sure that your cognition remains optimal. They can make sure that your memory remains protected and your neurological health is preserved. This is an interesting benefit of CBD.

Package Includes:

1 x CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen 200mg

Flavors of the CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen

You can detect the strong and noticeable flavor that arises from the vape of this vape pen. The taste is derived from the berry and grape notes. You will feel the powerful flavor of the herbal in this vape. It would remind you of vaping other hemp products. If you are one of those people who love the flavor of similar products will enjoy the taste of vapor that you get from this pen.

  • CBDistillery Vape Pen - Grand Daddy Purple:

The vape pen is dominant with Indica along with terpenes. Thus, they offer you a sedative and sleepy experience. The terpenes present in the e-liquid ensure that you get relief from stress and your symptoms of depression are alleviated. Problems related to anxiety, pain and appetite can be dealt with Grand Daddy Purple.

  • CBDistillery Vape Pen - Strawberry Lemonade:

Sativa-like effects are offered by this pen which ensures that you enjoy an uplifting experience. The vape pen offers cerebral benefits that enhance your creativity. Strawberry Lemonade is also excellent for your stress, insomnia and pain and will also help you deal with your motivational issues.

  • CBDistillery Vape Pen - GG#4:

If relaxation is what you are looking for, this pen will be perfect. It helps you get sleep without any effects of intoxication. You will find yourself in a happy and pleasant state after using this pen. Its use is also quite popular for relief in headache.

  • CBDistillery Vape Pen - Grape:

This one is an authentic and simple derivative of a concord grape. It offers a delicious aroma of Grape that you would surely love when you inhale it in from your stylish vape pen. The taste and scent will leave you satisfied and the magical properties of CBD will serve as the cherry on the cake. This one will provide you clarity, peace and calm and will make sure that you are able to approach each day differently.

  • CBDistillery Vape Pen - Lavender Vanilla:

This cartridge contains around 200mg of CBD isolate along with triple distilled MCT and natural emavender Vanilla flavoring. CBDistillery makes use of an accurate distillation process and thus manages to isolate a formula of triglyceride that can be converted into ketones with ease. This isolation process makes sure that the absorption of cannabinoids is enhanced into the bloodstream and you can fast, heath and effective administration of CBD.

CBDistillery Vape Pen Instructions

  • Ingredients: Triethyl Citrate, Cannabidiol (CBD) from Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), Natural Flavorings, Terpenes
  • The device is activated via draw mechanism and does not operate via any button. You get it fully charged and you can get rid of it once it gets empty. Keep in mind that it has to be stored in room temperature without any heat, moisture, humidity or light.
  • Vaping of CBD offers a distinguished experience which is not comparable to its oral or sublingual consumption. You get faster effects owing to rapid absorption through the lungs. The dosing is simpler as well since you can control the amount that you inhale. Furthermore, a single inhale would not lead to massive amount of CBD finding its way into your system. The effects last for a shorter duration compared to when you administer it orally or sublingually.

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