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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil InstructionsOverview:Blue Moon Hemp is one of those brands that have managed to acquire an impeccable reputation in the industry of THC free CBD. This brand is undoubtedly ..

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil Instructions


Blue Moon Hemp is one of those brands that have managed to acquire an impeccable reputation in the industry of THC free CBD. This brand is undoubtedly a force to reckon with as offers an amazing variety of profound quality of products in the CBD market. Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil are available in signature Cobalt blue glass dropper bottles. The Blue Moon Logo is featured on them. The bottles are provided with an elegant lacking, which a vast majority of people seem to like. Different flavors are given varying color trims around the edges. The CBD strength is also labeled in a unique manner wherein the strengths from 10/mg to 1000mg are corresponding to the moon phases. 100mg strength is represented by quarter moon; half Moon represents 200mg while the strength of 300mg is demonstrated by the three-quarter moon. The full Moon implies that the strength of CBD is 400mg. A total eclipse is the highest strength, which is available, and that is 1000mg.

Up to date results of all the products are provided by the company. Thorough screening is done of the raw isolator to make sure that pesticides and contaminants are not part of it. The cannabinoid content of the e-juice is also confirmed via testing. If we take a look at their website, it is apparent that the CBD content is labeled properly.

Utmost efficiency and precision is depicted while refining the pure extract from finest Hemp cultivars. This whole plant serves as a source of more than 400 phytoproteins and over 60 cannabinoids, thereby ensuring that you get optimal results. Although all the THC is roved, the company makes sure that the Entourage effect is preserved during the propriety process. Thus, you can be assured that their products will not cause any psychoactive effects and will also not show on drug screenings. Bio-based propylene glycol along with plant only vegetable glycerin is used in the ration of 30 to 70. This, you get pure, delicious and clean CBD hemp oil which is superior to all other options available on the market.


  • VG Organic Non-GMO Palm Kernel
  • PG Bio Corn Base
  • Full Spectrum CBD crystaline
  • Natural Flavorings

Flavors of the Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice - Flan is among the best vape juices you will find. It would not be wrong to call it the Crème burley of e-juice. You can enjoy the authentic taste of clan mixed with sweet notes of caramel and vanilla. The e-liquids has just the right amount of sweetness. This is a well-balanced and creamy vape juice which must be tried by all those who live vanilla and caramel.

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice - Pure manages to capture the true essence of Cannabis Sativa plant. The best thing about this is that the light and clean blend that is revealed can be added to any other flavor of e-liquids. It has a sweet tinge to it due to the presence of VG. This is noticeable in CBD which is unflavored. However, when mixed with another flavor, you do not feel its presence much. It does not have a significant after taste although there is a slight earthiness that you might experience. This is something you will find in all the e-liquids infused with hemp.

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice - Kush marked the first Total eclipse product of the brand with strength of 1000mg. This CBD vape juice provided you with an essence of the Kush plant. It creates a light and clean blend that would enhance your vaping pleasure. The original Kush flavor that it offers makes sure that livers of cannabis would not be able to resist it. Adding it to the vape carried would offer you an experience similar to full spectrum CBD oil cartridge and that too without any THC content.

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice - Red Devil includes nine tropical berries and fruits. Papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, strawberry, blueberry, orange, Tangerine, all come together with a hint of vanilla to provide you with the ultimate fruit flavor that will be a treat for your palate. If tangy and fruity flavor of e-liquids is what you are looking for, you will surely love this one. It is a tad bit sweeter compared to Kush and Pure.

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice - Black Kat offers the classic breakfast cereal flavor. The experience is similar to that of luck charms combined with a bit of cinnamon toast the distinctive blend would win over anyone who loves cereals.

Package Includes:

1 x Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil 30ml 125 mg/ 250 mg/ 500 mg/ 750 mg/ 1000 mg

Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-liquid Instructions:

  • You can use the vape e-liquids to make sure that CBD is Evelyn distributed throughout the day
  • You can mix it to your preferred e-liquids
  • It does not have specific requirements with regards to settings or wattage
  • It is compatible with all types of vaping devices.
  • The e-liquids is not meant to be ingested.
  • Make sure that it is stored in a cool and dry place where it is not exposed to excessive light, humidity or heat. This will ensure that quality of your e-liquid is preserved for a longer time.
  • The product should not be used by pregnant ladies or lactating mother's. In case you have a medical condition or take any drugs, ensure that you consult with your physical before using the product. The product needs to be kept away from the reach of children.

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