Arizer V-tower Vaporizer For Dry Herb


Arizer V-tower Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewArizer V tower is a tabletop vaporizer like no other. The device can be configured for direct draw as well as use with bags. The simple use on this device ..

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Arizer V-tower Vaporizer Instructions


Arizer V tower is a tabletop vaporizer like no other. The device can be configured for direct draw as well as use with bags. The simple use on this device ensures that it's difficult for many other desktop vaporizer to offer the same level of function and the same high-quality vapor production that can be delivered here. The device is rich with features including a digital display which is very easy to read and temperature settings that go up to 500°F.

A device in this format can offer you some of the best vapor in a plug in vaporize format. There is also some of the best customization for any type of dry herbs with this product. Rather than having to struggle with temperature controls, you can quickly adjust the dial by 1°increments to find the perfect temperature setting for each type of material you would put into it. The automatic shutoff feature ensures that if you forget to shut down the device it will automatically power off after a time that you define.

Using the instruction manual will help you to define the time that you would like the automatic shut off to kick in. Most people recommend the automatic shut off at 15 min. but you can adjust the temperature settings and shut off to start after 30 min or even an hour.

The quality of vapor that this device produces is bolstered through the ceramic heating element as well as the glass on glass components. By utilizing these features in a desktop device you are getting only the highest quality of vapor and excellence in the flavour profiles as well. Ceramic and glass heating make for an extremely enjoyable experience that generally leads to very smooth vapor for any user. The onboard temperature controls make sure that you can keep flavour profiles and minded prevent material from combusting. Even though this is a device that can quickly heat up and produce high temperatures, you can prevent the chance that materials will burn with the extremely precise temperature control.

If you are seeking a simple desktop vaporizer that is simple to use and highly effective for its flavors, this could be a great option for you to start with. The V tower is very highly reviewed and it comes with several configuration options that will help you to customize your vaping experience to the type of material that you have access to or the people that may be using your device. There are very few desktop vaporizers that come at this price point which are capable of offering the same quality results.

Arizer is also a company that's well known for being a positive manufacturer to deal with for replacement parts such as mouthpieces and more. You can order with confidence knowing that you're getting access to a top quality product with replicable components and great customer service.


  • A user set auto shutoff
  • Digital display with bright LEDS
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Ceramic heating
  • Glass to glass
  • Desktop vaporizer


Use For: Dry Herb

Temperature Settings: 122°F - 500°F, Full control Preset Temp

Heat Up Time: less than 3mins

Heating Technique: Convection

Power: Wall outlet

Package includes

1x Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

1x 3" Whip Tubing

1x Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen

1x Mouthpiece

1x Glass Stirring Tool

1x Replacement Screens

1x Oil/Aromatics Dish

1x User Manual

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