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Arizer Solo Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewArizer Solo vaporizer is an extremely powerful and efficient vaporizer that produces an excellent quality of paper compared to many of the handheld competitor..

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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Instructions


Arizer Solo vaporizer is an extremely powerful and efficient vaporizer that produces an excellent quality of paper compared to many of the handheld competitors on the market today. The solo has long been a favourite amongst beginners and it's known as one of the best starting points for people who are new to on the go vaporization that still want to get access to an excellent quality device for producing better vapor. Smaller style vaporizers may continue to produce their vapor using combustion whereas this is a device that can provide excellent results through its ability to heat materials in much the same way that a desktop vaporizer would. The solo has long been considered one of the flagship models for the company and this is because of the quality of the materials, the versatility of this vaporizer as well as some of the quality that it produces over its competition.

The pass-through charging on this device improves the functionality. It means that even if you didn't want to use it on the go, you could always use this vaporizer was plugged it. There's no need for you to continuously monitor the battery life, you can always have highly efficient vaporizing options available at your home. Fingertips if you are not every type of handheld device will have pass-through charging in this revolutionary feature ensures that you will always be able to use your vape.

Some of the cleanest vapor on the market is produced by this device and this is in part due to the ceramic heating element. The onboard heating element is built that of a high quality ceramic and it is coated with a stainless steel cover and glass mouthpiece. Combining all of these high-quality materials together ensures that this is a device that will continuously perform an offer highly clean vapor experiences to its users.

Even when you're on the go, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to two hours at a time and make sure that the device can remain compact and easy to use no matter what the setting may be. The continuous use of this product and the extremely compact design makes sure that this is an investment for vapers across the world where they can see excellent returns.

The preset temperatures on this device ensure that it can heat up in 2 ½ min. with five different temperature settings to help you access the best temperatures to matter what material you are using. The earliest temperatures range of two 122°F with the highest temperature hitting 393°F.

The device also has a comprehensive shutoff level and after 12 min. of being powered on it will automatically shut off. The settings of the device ensure that it can be turned back on quite easily but the automatic shutoff will help to control the device and prevent the chance that you might experience some type of problem with the heating element or battery drain.


  • Glass mouthpiece
  • 7 temp settings
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pass through charge
  • All glass mouthpiece design
  • Simple to maintain


Use For: Dry Herb

Temperature Settings: 122°F, 365°F, 374°F, 383°F, 393°F, 401°F and 410°F

Heat Up Time: 1 minute 30 seconds

Heating Technique: Hybrid (Conduction + Convection)

Package includes

1 x Arizer Solo Mod

1 x Pot-Pourri Sample

1 x Aromatherapy Sample

2 x Diffusing Aroma Tubes (One Straight & One Bent)

1 x USB Charger Cable

1 x User manual

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