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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewArizer Solo II is a clear upgrade on the original version of the solo. The company worked to improve the heating time, airflow and charging time to make su..

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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Instructions


Arizer Solo II is a clear upgrade on the original version of the solo. The company worked to improve the heating time, airflow and charging time to make sure that this was a device which could massively improve on one of the industry-standard flagships for handheld vaporizing. The newest digital panel insures more exact temperature control as well as a more efficient usage of power over other predisaster's. The completely glassed air path also delivers a much better level of flavour, aroma and improvements over any other type of dry herb vaporizer on the market. If you value and excellent quality of vapor with the perfect tastes and odors, this is the perfect device to consider.

This remains one of the most powerful dry herb vaporizers that's been produced in the world before. It's extremely convenient to use and the digital heating system is super powerful. Finally with precise temperature controls the solo 2 can help you to match your temperature to the style of vaporizer that you love. LED display options make sure that you can quickly change the temperature as you are vaporizing. You can even adjust the settings to go from 1 to 10° increments. Pinpointing the perfect setting for your favourite material makes this a handheld vaporizer that is finally ideal for any long-standing user. As an extremely powerful vaporizer, this is a device that can help you to prevent heating accidents with a safety timer that waits 6 seconds to turn the unit off.

The vapor path on this device is all glass and it offers some of the best vaporization on the market. The vapor on this device is extremely potent and choosing a temperature setting between one 22°F and four 28°F will make sure that the ground herbs placed inside will fill the aroma tubes with the ultimate vapor experience. The vapor is only making contact with the glass chamber and the ceramic heating element and this makes sure you are only getting the best quality product in the form of vapor as a result.

For the ultimate in customization from a vaporizer device, this is a product that produces highly potent vapor and lets you truly enjoy the maximum benefits out of any of the material you are going to be vaporizing. The flavour does not come at a price for your battery either. This is one of the most efficient devices on the market and it can achieve up to three hours of continuous vaporize support. The solo can heat up slightly more than the original version and it also has a wider temperature range allow you to conserve the battery.

Even when the battery does die out, you can be back up and running with this device through pass-through charging or in just 90 min to a full charge.


  • Better heating than solo 1
  • All glass airway
  • Digital temp controls
  • Amazing flavor


Use For: Dry Herb

Temperature Settings: 122°F - 392°F Fully Adjustable Temp Range

Heat Up Time: 30s

Heating Technique: Hybrid (Conduction + Convection)

Output Power: 100 - 240v

Package includes

1 x Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

2 x Aroma Tubes (90mm and 110mm)

1 x Travel Pouch

1 x Rubber Aroma Tube Caps

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

1 x Micro Heater

4 x Filters

1 x Wall Charger

1 x Glass Aroma Dish

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