Arizer Air II Vaporizer For Dry Herb


Arizer Air II Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewThe upgraded version of the Air vaporizer is the Arizer Air II. When the company produced this newest version it was with the goal in mind of making immedia..

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Arizer Air II Vaporizer Instructions


The upgraded version of the Air vaporizer is the Arizer Air II. When the company produced this newest version it was with the goal in mind of making immediate improvements on the compact design that has become so popular. The newest version of this device offers a larger capacity for the battery and several heating controls which lead to a faster heatup period. The other features that make this a truly spectacular device are the true vaporization experience and the air past that is made through a glass tube.

The enhanced flavour and vapor purity that can be achieved through the glass tube and ceramic heating element makes sure that you can enjoy the finest quality of vapor where ever you may be. It doesn't matter what type of vapor you are going to be producing or the strain that you will be using, this is a device that can take on all challenges. It's easy to use and it can heat at launch to provide you with vapor extremely quickly. The heating at launch is amazing and the isolated air path in this device has a electronics which are housed inside the internal formation of the unit. This leads to an even more compact solution and a device that can truly preserve the aromas and flavors of each hit.

Arizer air II is a device that is built using primarily glass components. The aroma tubes as well as the botanical dish are very easy to clean and their accessories that can offer a truly outstanding vaping experience. The vaporizers have an excellent opportunity to provide you with some of the best vapor on the market. They come in configurations with stainless steel, ceramic and glass and they can be easily cleaned to prevent build up inside the device as well. The convection and conduction heating ensure some of the fastest heating times on the market. Hybrid heating is revolutionary especially a device that is this small.

What's most impressive about the second iteration of this device is that Arizer worked to improve the heating element even further. There's no need first during and the air device uses a consistent coverage technique with the airflow inside the device to heat herbs evenly. There is a redesign on the heating chamber which reduces bottlenecks and ensure is that you can enjoy a better draw with a faster heating.

These changes all add up to a device that delivers a better quality of vapor, faster heating, a more powerful battery and solution that will help you finally find the ideal temperature that will fit the vaping style for your needs.


  • Compact Dry Herb vaporizer
  • Digital Display
  • Airpath that is isolated
  • Pass through charge technology
  • Custom Session Settings
  • Ceramic Heating Element


Use For: Dry Herb

Temperature Settings: 122°F - 428°F, Full control Preset Temp

Heat Up Time: 90s

Heating Technique: Hybrid (Convection / Conduction)

Package includes

1 x Arizer Air II Vaporizer

1x 18650 Battery

2x Silicone Stem Covers

1 x Glass Aroma Tube 70mm

1 x Glass Aroma Tube 70mm with Tip

1x Aromatherapy Dish

1x Belt-Clip Carrying Case

1x SS Stirring Tool

1x Botanical Sample

1x NA Wall Charger

4x SS Filter Screens

1x User Manual

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